Settings: Enable or Disable Topic Torch

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In order to use Topic Torch you must first download and install Yontoo Layers. Once Yontoo Layers has been installed please come back to this page and enable our product.
To enable Topic Torch click on the button below.
By clicking the Enable button, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Topic Torch Terms of Service and the Yontoo Terms of Service.
Topic Torch is currently enabled, to disable click on the red button below


You may uninstall Yontoo and all affiliated features, including Topic Torch, at any time by following the procedures below

Windows - To uninstall from any of the supported browsers on Windows, go to the Windows Start Menu and then to Control Panel > Add/Remove (or Programs & Features in Vista/Windows 7) and click Remove next to Yontoo.

Mac - To uninstall from Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome on a Mac, go to Tools > Add-ons in the top menu. Select the Yontoo logo and click Uninstall.

Trouble Uninstalling?

If you are still having trouble uninstalling our software, please restart your computer and use the following uninstaller which will remove any Yontoo software from your computer: